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Give a second life to your vintage analog photo camera, take it out from the shelf or box and start shooting digital photos and video! The first low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera. For those who always wanted to have a “hybrid” camera working with photographic films or in digital mode.

A 50’s Camera that Takes Digital Photos

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Give a second life to your vintage analog photo camera, take it out from the shelf or box and start shooting digital photos and video! The first low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera. For those who always wanted to have a “hybrid” camera working with photographic films or in digital mode.

Use your old analog camera, which probably is lost somewhere inside a box or ended up in your small “personal museum” taking a lot of dust! We’re now in the digital era and are ready to give a second life to it with the only low-cost digital back available on the market!

Four years have passed since the first prototype of I’m Back®35 was realized through a simple 3D printer. Many believed in this project and supported us since the beginning. And thanks to all our backers I’m Back®35 became true. It’s also thanks to the massive feedback from our supporters and together with hard work that I’m Back®35 is evolving and improved significantly since the first version.

We now are proud to present to you the new “I’m Back®35” edition, which brings with it great changes and not only a completely new design, inspired by the old “motor drivers” but a revised and modern shape.

The main innovation nevertheless, is the software, that gives now the possibility to take photos with the MANUAL mode, leaving the user full control of the shutter speed and the diaphragm aperture of the camera. I’m Back®35 will then record the images as it was set through the analog camera!

“The only digital back that pairs with analog cameras. In manual or automatic mode, it gives a shot to their desire for fantasy! Set photos or videos, I’m Back®35 records everything as you decide. You can also afford erroneous exposure … or not!

With his new “universal cover ” I’m Back®35 pairs with almost all the most famous analog cameras.

New technology. New and more ergonomic design. New battery with high performance. I’m Back®35. Because the pleasure of photography has no age.”

Easy to install. Remove the cover. Fit the dedicated or universal cover. Fix the screw to the tripod hole. Fit to I’m Back®35.

MANUAL setting – You frame and choose at what speed to shoot and as well the diaphragm aperture, your camera exposes and I’m Back®35 records.

New battery with higher performance and durability – i.e. NP F550 / F570
New universal cover with aluminium support – You can fit it to 99% of all 35mm analog cameras available on the market in a simple and fast way.
Dedicated back covers are also available and allow better and more hermetic fitting of your analog camera to the I’M BACK®35 device. Detailed information of the dedicated back covers are listed in the section: “Compatibility list between analog photo camera and I’M BACK®35” below.

I’m Back®35 manual mode – You choose the speed and the diaphragm aperture as you like, and enjoy your camera as if you were using an analog film roll. I’m Back®35 records the result, good or bad, it depends upon you!

Manually adjust your camera’s shutter speed and aperture

New I’m Back®35 vs old version. It’s higher to fit more camera models, and thinner to increase the ergonomic grip while using the viewfinder.

I’m Back®35 – Now you can use I’M BACK®35 like the old film roll, with the difference that the photos are digitally stored to a micro SD memory card or through wireless function, to your smartphone through a dedicated and free app!

New batterie – Type Sony® NP-f550/F570 7,4v 2.400Ah

Compatibility list between analog photo cameras and I’m Back®35

I’m Back®35. Compatible to almost all SLR and rangefinder cameras
Available dedicated back covers:
The dedicated back covers allow better and more hermetic fitting of your analog camera to the I’m Back®35 device. This may improve your user experience and fun.

Dedicated back covers are available for the following brands and models:

a) Canon A/A1/AE1/F1/FT/FTB/EOS300,
b) Contax II/RTS/G1/G2,
c) Diana F/F mini,
d) Leica M1/M2/M3/M4/M6/M7/Leicaflex SL/R4/R5/R6,
e) Minolta Dinaxx 7000i/Maxxum 7000/SRT/XD,
f) Nikon EM/F/FA/FE/FE2/FG/FM/FM2/FM3a/F2/F3 F4/F70/F90x/F100/S2/S3/Nikkormat FTN/EL,
g) Olympus OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM10,
h) Pentax ME/ME super/K1000/Spotomatic,
i) Praktica b200/MTL, KICK
j) Ricoh KR10,
k) Yashica JP/FX3.
If your camera is not in the above list, it should be compatible with the Universal Cover that is already included in the I’m Back®35 box, if:

1- the back of your analog camera is detachable without damaging it;

2- your camera has a standard tripod screw hole on the bottom.

I’M BACK®35 – Technical Specifications

Processor: Icatch V39
Sensor: Panasonic 34112
LCD: 2.0 inch
Display: 240*RGB*320 LCD
Video format: 4K 3840*2160/30FPS – 1920*1080P/60fps – 1280*720P/120fps
Video format: MOV
Photo resolution: 14M/10M/8M/other
Photo format: JPEG and COLOR RAW
Memory: Micro SD / Class 10 Max 128G
Microphone/Speaker: Built-in
Frequence: 50Hz/60Hz
Power interface 7.4V – 1A
Battery: 7.4v lithium battery
Type C – HDMI – TF card – MIC – 3.5mm – Sync cable – 1.5mm
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, MAC OSX 10.3.6 and above

You have full control of you
r camera. You can shoot now with your old analog as you always did and record the photos and videos digitally! With our new I’m Back®35 you decide the speed and aperture and you can use your machine’s photometer to decide the exposition you want to have. Now it’s up to you, you can even “make mistakes” as it used to happen in the past while using the manual mode.

You also can choose the “automatic mode” simply by switching your camera to B mode and selecting the diaphragm aperture, this remains possible as in the previous model. Finally, you must focus on the objective and click, waiting for the three beeps to shoot the photo.

Remember that you can always print all photos, we suggest you try the normal A4 format, the quality is impressive good.

Finally, I’m Back®35 uses a focusing screen, the images, therefore, are vintage, smooth and are not comparable to a standard digital photo camera, so the result will “resemble” something between analog and digital, or UNIQUE!

Today I’m Back GmbH has its headquarter at CP-Startup via Carlo Maderno 24 – Lugano Switzerland. After the big surprise and award at Photokina 2018, in which Cinema 5d awarded us together with great names of the photography such as Panasonic and Fujifilm, we were awarded as the second most innovative, among 200 Swiss Startups. We are now present in Europe and America and specifically in USA – New York through our distributors ADORAMA and B&H Photo. Our main customers are from Japan, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK and other nordic countries.

We are proud to say that the R&D, product development and logistic management is done in Switzerland and Italy. The industrialization and engineering of the mechanic and electronic parts, including injection moulding is performed by a core-tier 1 company that has clients such as Apple, Ford, Audi, Huawei among others.

Switzerland team

I’m Back® Creator – Samuel Mello Medeiros
Brazilian by birth, Portuguese by right and Italian by passion!

Co-Founder Filippo Nishino
Son of a Japanese father and an Italian mother, he was born in Brazil, grown-up in Germany, and ended up living in Switzerland.

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