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Modern video game engines and VR applications already utilize advanced 3D spatial and binaural audio algorithms that deliver sound in L/R stereo channels. VR Ears delivers this audio experience to players in the best way possible while in motion.

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VR Ears | Hear Off-World, Listen Off-Ear

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VR Ears During VR Gaming

Modern video game engines and VR applications already utilize advanced 3D spatial and binaural audio algorithms that deliver sound in L/R stereo channels. VR Ears delivers this audio experience to players in the best way possible while in motion.

• Sound field that completely surrounds and engulfs you in the virtual world.

• Pinpoint positional audio direction lets you “just know” where your enemies are.

• Massive improvement in comfort means you can play for many hours longer.

VR Ears for 360 Video Streaming
Surround sound speaker setups cannot deliver positional audio in VR without the power of levitation. VR ears give you the full feeling of off-ear surround sound, even as you move your head and body, no matter where the shot is coming from.

• Sounds that move every which way, with you and the video.

• Don’t just listen to the world, feel as though you live within it.

Traditional Audio Delivery vs. VR Ears Audio Delivery

What is the Sound stage? The width, depth and height of the projected stereo image.

What is Audio Imaging? The positional cues and accuracy of said position of audio sources.

Off-ear speaker design pulls localization of the sound stage out of the head of the listener and transports you directly into the sound field. Experience a visceral feeling as if you were a listener placed in the centre of the virtual world.

Importance of the Outer Ear for Positional Audio
Before sound enters your ears, it bounces around all the flesh on the outer ear(pinna). This biological structure is in fact a large part of what helps you to perceive the sound direction and contributes to the reason our ears are shaped in this strange way.

VR Ears is the first cross-platform wearable audio device that takes advantage of the outer ear to its full potential.

Sounds for your Ears: No Pressure, No Distractions

A New Wave of Sound Requires Next Generation Speakers
Most headphones on the market are only passive. To be able to reach the optimum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) at the ear, we made VR Ears active, adding in a lithium polymer battery (lasts up to 8 hours), high-efficiency Digital Amplifier and Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

Digital Amplifier: Drives the premium near-field speakers, while minimizing power consumption

Digital Signal Processor (DSP): Monitors the input signal, while continuously optimizing the output to be distortion-free for the amplifier

This provides the power to the custom-designed near-field drivers to deliver a deep, detailed, and dynamic sound that completely immerses you into the game.

Cross-Platform Compatible, Future-Proofed
VR ears have developed an audio experience that is nearly on par with sound in the real world, while display optics may need time to catch up. VR Ears is ready for that future.

Easy to attach to all the above VR headsets with our modular mechanical attachment clips. Support for further headsets will be released over time with future updates.

VR Ears is fully compatible with Quest 2 and the Elite Straps.

Note: headsets without a firm head strap, such as the original VIVE without a deluxe audio strap and PiMax without a firm head strap require the VR Ears Universal HeadStrap to use.

What People Are Saying About VR Ears

Become Fully Immersed in Your Virtual World
The combination of incredible comfort, complete utilization of the outer ear for positional audio, and a fully immersive sound field and sound stage means you will hear the unimaginable new worlds in VR in incredible new ways.

Tech Specs and Controls

Acoustic Performance: Near-field 40mm speaker drivers

Battery Power: Playback time: up to 8hrs / Charge time: 2hrs
Frequency: 60Hz – 20,000Hz
Impedance: 6 ohms
[email protected]: 99db

VR Ears for PC/Console Gaming (with HeadStrap)
Better sound accuracy means getting the drop on an enemy faster or avoiding death in precarious situations. Let all who dare to sneak up on you beware of the VR Ears.

The sound immersion of VR Ears brought to all gaming applications.
The comfort of speakers with the positional accuracy of gaming headphones.
Game on and charge VR Ears via USB-C plug and play port.
HeadStrap Details
VR Ears HeadStrap™ brings the groundbreaking sensory perception, high-precision positional audio, and incredible comfort of off-ear speakers to nearly all wearable audio situations.

The VR Ears USB-C port which charges VR Ears also functions like a plug and play audio device. When using USB, such as with PC/Console gaming with HeadStrap, you will be able to game on and charge simultaneously.

HeadStrap is an unfinalized stretch goal and the final product may not be identical to what is seen here. HeadStrap will be sold separately for $29.99 and 30% off for Kickstarter backers, available for purchase post-campaign via Pledge Manager.

*We are targeting this holiday season to send out all the stretch goal accessories to our backers, Boom-mic, HeadStrap, VR Ears Carrying Case, and 5FT Multi-Function cable.

Rebuff Reality exists to deliver groundbreaking sensory perception within unimaginable new worlds. We are more than 3 years old and VR Ears is not our first hardware project. We have already designed, developed, and shipped a number of amazing products to our customers around the world that enhance their level of immersion within virtual worlds.

Top-tier Manufacturing Used by World Leading Brands
This is also not our team’s first audio product. We have shipped speakers and headphones for most of the worlds top brands with our previous companies. We have a deep knowledge of acoustics engineering and manufacturing.

Leadership team with a diverse background in audio, gaming, hardware, and design working with a number of the world’s most renowned developers, publishers, and brands from their founding days to bring new products to market or scale-up into global leaders.

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