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MaeGo is the world’s first AI robot car that runs, stops, turns and performs preset tasks autonomously to play FPS games with you in reality. You can shoot infrared rays using the included guns or foam balls/darts from Nerf blasters at them in a multiplayer battle, having fun for hours with your families and friends.

Self Driving Robot for Target Shooting Game

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MaeGo is more than an AI robot for shooting games, but also a coding platform to cultivate children’s logic and strategic thinking and prepare them for school and future careers in STEM.
MaeGo can be programmed in Blockly, a block-based programming app, to move, play audio or blink its LED.

Python is also supported by MaeGo. Through this high level program language, MaeGo can be controlled to conduct all sorts of movements and tasks including making the car stand and spin on front wheels and shape-based object recognition and tracking.

A Perfect Toy In All Aspects

It is compatible with the Nerf blaster or the included infrared gun, and will give interactive sound and light indications of hit points, added to the sense of achievement.

MaeGo is hardwired to sense the directions of the strikes from infrared guns, and it uses a LIDAR detection system to identify obstacles during its movement.

Initially, it takes a random course and avoids obstacles along the way, but once shot, it adopts a global path planning method to escape gunshots and strategically approaches the obstacle to take cover while restoring hit points.

MaeGo is embedded with an apriltag library mapped with various preset game scenes, and equipped with a built-in front camera which captures realtime surrounding images for apriltag marker detection.

MaeGo will compute the precise 3D position and identity of the tags, and implement the corresponding preset game scene such as taking shelters at camp and reviving. This adds more randomness, possibilities and pleasure into the shooting game, allowing you to play the same game entirely differently.

MaeGo features a machanical gyroscope to actuate tricky moves like spinning, drifting, headstand, and flipping over when game is over. Just wait dozens of seconds for the flywheels to store enough kinetic energy to roll over and land back on wheels to start a new round of game automatically.

MaeGo is made with tough materials and a sturdy built to survive major bumps, crashes and collisions.

It uses cutting-edge chipsets of 1.3GHz 64bit 4 cores ARM Cortex-A35 and 120MHz ARM cortex m4, which are the brains behind its advanced functions.

The car can be quickly and conveniently recharged via a micro-USB cable.

We are mainly engaged in the design and development of intelligent robots, and are committed to creating robot products that make users feel different and new.

We like FPS games, but we don’t like sitting in front of the computer for a long time and staring at the screen, so we created MaeGo.

We all come from hardware unicorns and have years of experience in designing smart hardware like drones. So we are familiar with and advanced in the designing, developing, testing, manufacturing and building supply chain of high-tech smart hardware products.

Risks and challenges
Our team has many years of consumer electronics design experience. We have done many projects before and are familiar with the design of hardware electronics and production processes.
Now the electronic and structural suppliers of this product have been determined, and all materials have been tested. But this product is the first of its kind, and we need to design some new production processes for effective production. This may cost a considerable amount of time.