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Galaxy Gauge has produced professional graphic design tools since 1995. Since our first translucent graphics gauge, we’ve stayed small and provided the best value to our customers by selling direct. Word got out and we expanded our product line through the years.

Beautiful Color for Designers & Students

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Either you or a graphic designer you love can use the gift of perfect color and accurate measurement. Please keep reading to find the simple secret to help any graphic design work like a pro, and help the pros work faster and smarter.

Galaxy Gauge has produced professional graphic design tools since 1995. Since our first translucent graphics gauge, we’ve stayed small and provided the best value to our customers by selling direct. Word got out and we expanded our product line through the years. Graphic design changed over the years, now we’re part of the powerful Open Source graphic design community with Scribus, and we hope to bring our tools to art supply stores, wholesalers and graphics distributors so that Scribus users around the world can have access to affordable color prediction tools.

From the very beginning, we’ve supported affordable solutions. We introduced graphic design tools for less than $20 when the rest of the industry charged $50 to $200. Now, with Scribus, we hope to show that gorgeous, professional design can happen with Open Source solutions rather than just with $900 software suites. We want to stay small but reach lots and lots of designers and students like you. We have what it takes to make this happen, and hope to raise some funds and product awareness to help cover our bridge costs in getting the first shipments to the distributors.

Pick beautiful color combinations with this nifty fold-out laminated map of CYMK colors. Produced by a friendly little grassroots company.” – Bottom Line Marketing

We’re excited by the design community on PayJa because we can introduce our ideas and products to new people who are on the cutting edge of art, graphics and design. We have assembled a terrific batch of not-from-concentrate incentives, including color tools and graphics gauges. We hope you’ll find them as potentially useful as the thousands of designers around the world who already design with Galaxy and use Open Source Scribus DTP software with Galaxy Color.

Tools for graphic design — and they aren’t kidding. Galaxy Gauge is bingo for designers.” – Communication Arts, January/February 2003

*** Note new All-In sets, on popular request from PayJa.

“It’s the kind of measuring tool I would’ve paid three times more for 30 years ago … These low-tech tools should be on every designer’s desk.” – Mac Design Magazine, March/April 2002


If we hit the $6,000 mark, (which we’ve already hit) then I’ll upgrade everyone’s order and include either a Pocket Pixel or a Pixel Wrench. (I can’t include one with the Postcard-only incentive.) The two tools are similar, both will help you correct color and remove those annoying blue, yellow or red casts from otherwise good photos. We’ll include the Pixel Wrench with the Imperial Pro Set, and All-In Sets, including the Early Birds for those. We’ll include the Pocket Pixel with the Pocket Design Set, (including the one included with the All-In Set), the Galaxy Color Zil Set, the Galaxy Zil Elite Set, and the early birds that go with those. The main difference between the tools is that the Pocket Pixel has instructions on our website, and the Pixel Wrench has instructions on the tools themselves. You’ll see it in the video.

The second stretch goal is if we hit the $7,000 mark, then I’ll include a special Galaxy Science Tool Set with all incentives (except the Postcard). This would be a terrific gift or stocking stuffer for any engineer, scientist, chemist, or other technical person in your life. It includes three tools:

1. Ultraprecision Gauge – Perhaps the most precise gauge ever made, traceable to NIST, and readable (with a magnifier) down to a very small level, 0.005 of an inch. If you or someone you know works with very tiny work, like a satellite photo analyst, or a graphic designer of pharma disclaimers or legal type, then you might find the tiny Ultraprecision gauge to be useful.

2. Specura – Includes the same spectra chart as what’s on the Color Zil, but in a sweet bookmark size. Terrific for use by metallurgists, photographers, scientists, engineers, and people who want an oddly useful bookmark.

3. Galaxy Scientific Gauge – This one is made for engineers and scientists or anyone who likes a tool that explains bits of the universe. We’ve noticed that this tool has an odd effect on anyone who works with physical constants, they tend to use it all the time. Includes about every physical constant you could imagine, Greek alphabet with keyboard commands for math communications, angles, metric, type sizer, and neat scale gauge that shows orders of magnitudes … again, useful for engineers, and scientific people of all kinds.


“Handy tool with precision measurements and a multitude of useful features. A great companion to a desktop publishing software toolbox. “Useful way to accurately assess how printed CMYK colors will look and a great tool that makes it easy to select good color combinations.”, Rating: 5 (out of 5) – Desktop Publishing

“Galaxy Gauge has released some extremely useful tools for graphic designers everywhere — and what’s more, these DTP tools are extremely cheap … Top stuff.” – Computer Arts, December 2003

“As with all Galaxy Gauge products, they’ve taken extreme care to be accurate and aesthetically pleasing.” – Mac Hints & Tips, Dec 27, 2004

“An Exceptional Graphic Arts Ruler … includes all the features you expect, plus some incredibly useful surprises.” – Design Tools Monthly, Issue #109 September 2001

“I cannot imagine working without these kinds of tools” — J.H., Dayton OH “My colleagues at work saw my galaxy gauge and demanded that they all have their own too.” — H. T., Temecula, CA

“I pondered buying them for about a whole minute.” — T. D., Orlando, FL

“Nice products, great price!” — A. S., Hanover, PA “Love the ruler! Don’t know what I was doing without it all this time.” — T.F., Austin, TX

“Everyone has been oohing and aahing over all the measurements included on the gauge …” — S.W., New York, NY

“… your prices seemed low so I went for it. I’m a sucker for tools like these 🙂 ” — L.T., Miami Lakes, FL

“I’m a graphic design student, and I also work in the Graphic Arts industry, so this is a ‘must have'” — A.M., Guadalajara, Mexico

“… hard time justifying the price of Pantone swatches in the type of area I work. I’m hoping your product will be a useful substitute.” — S.L., Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia

“It is one of those devices that are always needed but no one ever has one or knows where to get one….” — J.M., NY, NY

“I could of used these tools when I was in graduate school!” — N.P., Denver, CO

“I teach a design course .. and thought it would be a great tool for my students.” — S.S., Silver Spring, MD

“I think I will go ahead and have our campus bookstore order a bunch from you every semester … It’s the Swiss Army Knife of design!” — M.E., Sacramento CA

“… one of the students brought your gauge into class its the best one I ever saw so I ordered one for myself.” — L.S., Myerstown, PA

“I’ve been looking for one of these for a long time. Thanks.” — Dave — D.J., DeLand, FL “It looked very appealing to have such intricate tools for a graphic designer.” — F.H., Frederick, MD

“Love my new tools!!! The ruler rocks – No more guessing if it is an 1/8 or a 1/16th! Yeah!” — N.H., Dayton, OH

“… I ordered one of your Galaxy Gauges and I love it! It’s a very useful tool so I told my director at work about it and she would like me to order one for each of our designers” — W.G., Washington, DC

“Sounds like a gadget I’ve been looking for with today’s mix of traditional and digital needs.” — N.H., Lindale, TX

“Thanks for the cool product. I have a million transparent type rulers but none of them seem to be as useful as this one.” — C.P., Monterey, CA

“I’ve been doing this for about 20 years and these tools are as complete and comprehensive as any I’ve seen. — P.T., Chicago, IL

“I wish I would of had these tools years ago … Just used the Harmonizer, it took all of about 2 minutes to find the perfect color combinations!” — D.M., Altoona, PA

“You’re a credit to graphic artists everywhere!” — M.M., Aurora, IL

“Come to our country someday! — H.G., Istanbul, Turkey

“I was looking for the Schadler ruler initially, but discovered yours in the magazine. Yours is definitely much more versatile and powerful. I’m sure my colleagues will be equally impressed” — N.K., Bridgewater, NJ

“When everyone in our department saw your ruler, they all wanted one.” — D.E., Bloomington, MN

“… any method which can solve a few problems is always warmly welcomed.” — M.R., Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom

“They are so useful” — T.H., Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

“The Galaxy Gauge is the perfect tool for any student in design. I feel you will go a long way with this product.” — M.V., Brooklyn, NY

“It is a beautiful, beautiful piece of work.” — D.N., Kingston, NY

“If you are attempting to make satisfied customers, you are succeeding!” — R.B., Marlborough, NH

“Thank you for your kindness and for sending the products out so quickly.” — M.G., Munich, Germany

“The Galaxy Gauge has become a regular part of our design workflow… we absolutely love it!!!” — J.M., Louisville, KY

“They were exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find – just like an itch that you can’t scratch!” — D.V., San Francisco, CA

“It is a pleasure, for once, to say that I feel I received more than my money’s worth.” — R.G., Kamloops, BC, Canada

“Your products are FANTASTIC!!!! All three guides will make my everyday life much easier. I especially love the color guide and have used it twice since I opened it today.” — L.P., N Ft Myers, FL

“I used to have a similar tool but that was a different job and I haven’t seen one since. It will be great to have. I’m getting one for each designer here.” — K.T., Bentonville, AR

“… am trying to start my career in graphic design so anything that can make my life easier as a designer would be great!” — S.C., Rochester, NY

“It seemed to me to be a pretty handy set of tools. Thanks for creating such a resource for your fellow graphic designers.” — N.S., Carbondale, IL

“Just took a digital prepress class and a gauge was a recommended tool.” — E.J., Tempe, AZ

“I am still giddy with excitement with the prospect of using them on a job for the first time. Can’t wait … You have very fine quality, useful and FUN products.” — K.R., San Luis Obispo, CA

“Thank you for producing the equivalent of a swiss army knife for designers” — D.G., Northridge, CA

“Your tools will help me a great deal in my day-to-day work. Thanks! — V.W., San Francisco, CA

“It’s awesome! … Your gauges are top quality” — J.A., Miami, FL

” … pleeeease don’t ever go out of business!” — L.P., North Ft. Myers, FL

“A great little group of utilities, still very needed in the design world” — J.C., Brooklyn, NY “What a great idea! A huge timesaver! — T.G., Richmond, BC, Canada

Risks and challenges
We’re fully experienced with satisfying orders, and we have a few thousand of each incentive item ready to ship. We should be able to ship all incentives (up to the first few thousand items) within 30 days after the successful completion of the project. If we run out of stock then we’ll need an extra 30 to 45 days to replenish and ship the rest of the incentive items. We’ll keep you regularly updated on our progress.

This is a low-risk project because the PayJa is to help us get this product into retail and wholesale outlets, the incentives should have little problem being fulfilled.

We are well experienced in filling large orders, but in case demand for these products exceeds our expectations, we’ll satisfy incentive orders from first to last and keep you informed along the way.

We are confident that this project will help us bring these tools to art supply stores and graphics stores around the USA and the around the world.

  • 20-07-2020

    This project is now live on PayJa!

    Help us reach our goal.