Who can use PayJa?

Originated from Nigeria, Africa, our platform is open to everyone from any country. Wherever you are, you can use PayJa. If you have not already done so, nothing should stop you from becoming a PayJaite today.

What is the difference between a creator and a backer?

A creator is someone who has created a project on which they want to raise funds. A backer is someone who donate funds to support a creator’s project.

Who is responsible for reaching a projects target?

It is the creator’s responsibility to ensure that their project is shared with potential backers who would be happy to support it financially. Potential backers usually include friends and family, social media fans, well wishers… the list is endless, anyone could be a backer including a stranger who just stumbled upon the value proposition of your project.

What makes PayJa unique than other players in the crowdfunding industry?

If you are a creator, we transfer funds to you at zero fee regardless whether your campaign reached its goal or not. We pay you for free. If you are a backer, increased anonymity by donating with cryptocurrency and there is no limit to how much funds you can donate. To make the world a better place, PayJa donates 1.5% of its yearly profit to the top 10 charities ranked on the PayJa Green Board. For details about the Green Board, please go here.

What is the PayJa Green Board?

The PayJa Green Board is our yearly list of the top 10 highly impactful charities from hundreds of thousands of charities worldwide. We shortlist 10 charities based on our users’ feedback. Further, users would vote [via a poll open from 9th January to 29th December] for their favorite charity. On January 1st of the following year, we publish the results as ranking on the Green Board  with funds disbursed accordingly.

Can I run multiple campaigns at a time?

Yes! Why not? While we have tested this situation, we strongly encourage you to focus on one campaign at a time. This can help channel your effort to promotion of a campaign once it is live on our platform.

Is your funding model flexible or all-or-nothing?

Both. You are allowed to define whichever you want between a flexible and all-or-nothing model. If your campaign does not reach it’s funding target, we pay you all you have raised in your campaign period minus the minimal fee that applies (See Pricing).

Do you charge any fee for my campaign?

We do not charge any fee to get your campaign published on our website. However, we do charge a platform fee of 6.9% from the funds you raised in your campaign period. We do not charge you for funds settlement in your crypto wallet. Please see our pricing details.

Do you issue refunds?

PayJa is neither a traditional store nor a bank that saves money. Once you donate to a project, you pledged that you are supporting it to be successful and you have done this wholeheartedly, so we do not issue refunds. Please read our terms of service.

How can I promote my campaign?

Share it with potential backers, people who care about your project. The first point is your family and friends. Then get lots of eye balls on your campaign on social media.  We may feature your campaign on our homepage and frontpage of the campaigns page; this is a competitive ads spot for startups and businesses who wants to invest in promotion. The promotional fee is $99 per week (the price might change in future) and you have to contact us to confirm the availability of the ads spot. Promotion is optional if you are not willing to buy the ‘Featured campaign’ listing on our website.

How do I get paid for the funds that I have raised?

We send funds directly to your crypto wallet(s). For cryptocurrency disbursement, we send funds in Litecoin wallet address, USD-Tether Wallet Address, and Binance SC Wallet Address (BEP-20). Then you may use a crypto exchanger (e.g. Coinbase, Luno, etc.) to convert crypto back to USD/GBP/EUR or your local currency. If we need to collect any information regarding  funds settlement, we will contact you via email.

How can I back a campaign?

If you would like to back a campaign, make sure you are on the specific campaign page. On the right pane of the campaign page, select or enter the amount (in USD) that you want to donate and click the “back campaign” button. Then you will be redirected automatically to the billing page where you would select your preferred payment method. Cryptocurrency and major credit/debit cards are supported, select one of them and pay. That’s it, a project is on its way to fruition.

How does PayJa protect my privacy?

It’s quite straightforward. We do not play gimmicks on your privacy. Your contact details and campaign is solely used for the purpose of fundraising. If we need to communicate with you about your campaign progress, we simply send you an email. We do not sell the data of our users (Privacy).

How does PayJa protect my security?

We do not collect your credit card details. In fact, your credit/debit card does not touch our servers; we use the payment processor API (e.g. Stripe) to process card payments, not our API. We are not a payment processor. By taking this step, we completely avoid dealing with sensitive card data. Cryptocurrency donation is allowed and the anonymity that crypto provides should instill even more confidence so that you absolutely have nothing to worry about your personal data or identity at the point of donation. Ultimately, our website is encrypted (see security for details) and donation is based on project preference and trust.